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Off the Market: Sunset Idea House Gone

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SocketSite delivers the word that 1303 Alabama Street— half of our old friend, the Sunset Idea House— has been secreted away from the MLS. Off the market, folks, after a reported 261 days and price chop from its initial $1,089,000 initial asking price. Now word on why, exactly, so why not indulge in a little Friday afternoon speculation? Again, this is us putting a hypothetical two-plus-two together, but if we recall correctly, we received a flurry of reports back in April claiming that La Casa Verde was open for business— but not legally so. Decidedly un-neighborly feuds, Messy permit snafus, code violations, seemingly endless legal battles, and— this one really gets our readers going— unpaid bills to contractors have made the Casa subject of many a kvetch sesh (and blog post, natch). We may very well be wrong here— it is T-minus two hours to happy hora, and our minds do tend to wonder. Yet perhaps there's a nugget of truth to be had in the saga. Or twelve.
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