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Curbed Inside: The Contemporary Jewish Museum Final Reveal

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In Curbed Inside, we take a peek at the latest developments, whether architectural or residential. Project on tap? Harness the power of viral marketing, and drop a line.

As card-carrying members of the Libeskind Skeptic Society, we walked away from this afternoon's tour pleasantly surprised with the new Contemporary Jewish Museum. Both the building, designed by Daniel Libeskind with WRNS, and plaza, designed by Handel Architects with landscaping by Cliff Lowe Associates, are— dare we be so overwhelmingly positive?!— a welcome addition to the ever-expanding museum district that we found to be well informed by the Yerba Buena nabe, nodding to the history of the area while providing an exciting new space to view art and learn about Jewish Culture. We know there are haters out there, but do us a favor and hold that criticism until you visit— just this once, mmmkay? (It opens to the public on the 8th, by the way.) Be sure to click through the Curbed SF mega-gallery to see how the CJM handles its business.
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Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103