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Valencia Gardens: "How's Them Apples?"

"How’s them apples?" So begins an email from a here-unnamed city employee, who has obviously conflated Valencia Gardens' winning of an AIA award with, say, the Stanley Cup. Valencia Gardens— or S.R. for "Stalin's residence," as a Curbed associate fondly calls it— was recently chosen by the AIA and HUD as one of four affordable housing developments nationwide that successfully serves as "an outstanding example of a benefit to the residents and community." Without a doubt, Valencia Gardens 2.0 is a vast improvement over the hell hole that once stood in its place— From our very zealous housing advocate: "One small step in winning over the NIMBY crowd and those who feel low-mod residents are a detriment to the neighborhood (instead of realizing they are mostly working folks just like their neighbors, thousands of whom are on waiting lists hoping for a future like this)."
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