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LA Times on Libeskind

"Anyone looking for signs that Daniel Libeskind's work might deepen profoundly over time, or shift in some surprising direction, has mostly been doing so in vain." Oh sugar, we thought while scanning the LA Times' review of Daniel Libeskind's Contemporary Jewish Museum ('cause you know we replace curse words with nouns). Not so fast though: "... Libeskind's trademark slashing forms and off-kilter geometries, while as recognizable as ever, have been employed to rich metaphorical effect, rather than simply decorating the living room of a seventh-floor three bedroom... Whatever the explanation, the generally happy architectural results are not just surprising but encouraging. At ground zero, Libeskind's designs were crippled and eventually rendered meaningless by compromise. Here they've been enriched by it." Whew. [LAT]

Contemporary Jewish Museum

736 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103