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Prop G: Money Can Buy You Love

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Off with the stalemate: After last weeks' anointing by the New York Times, the "largest urban development project in the nation"— a.k.a. Hunters Point— just might see the condos, town homes, office buildings, retail, and green space promised by Lennar Corp.-backed Proposition G. Following a nice little volley at the polls, Prop G, as we know, did defeat Proposition F, Pied Piper Chris Daly's pipe dream bid for 50 percent affordable housing in the area. Camp Proposition F is placing the burden of blame on Lennar's $4 million-and-counting publicity campaign, one of the most financially extravagant local measure pushes in California's entire history. (Though Lennar looks like a veritable tightwad when compared to PG&E, which forked over $13 million to pimp several energy measures during the last year.) A $4 million-plus marketing campaign— sure, that'll push the vote. But so will a Benjamin-backed development plan. Money, oh how it talks.
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