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Snapped SF: Up With Trespassing!

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Snapped SF is a collaborative photo essay of sorts— we love to see what you're seeing. Join our ranks— we're welcoming new photogs every week. All photos are credited by name, always, and those who prefer not the Flickr can always submit their snaps to us directly.

Curbed SF Flickr pool photog Whole Wheat Toast shot every urban spelunker's dream, the abandoned San Francisco Public Health Service Hospital, in the Presidio. The place was set to be razed for condos back in 2005 (a plan that— surprise!— never worked out) and is now guarded 24/7 and rigged with an infrared security system, an invitation to trespassers the city over. Some have made it inside; check the Flickr pool for some prime shots of its macabre interior. Spooky.

The Presidio Trust

34 Graham Street, San Francisco, CA 94129