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Parents Page Hazmat to Dolores Park Playground

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Dolores Park will soon be a safer place for tykes — recovered from an earlier tussle with the city neighborhood parents huddled last week to figure out how to use $1.5 million in city and private funding to fix up the park's playground, which some are worried is knee-deep in lead and arsenic, if not "condoms, syringes, broken glass and cigarette butts." Park purists need not worry — the playground won't be changing much, though a fence might go up to keep those pesky Rottweilers from head-butting toddlers. Meanwhile, the poop scooping crowd will surely delight in new, theft-proof concrete trash cans (the plastic ones were being nabbed left and right). Small consolation because — and there's always a caveat — new public restrooms won't be built until 2011. So much for cleanliness.
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