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Plan to Plan City Streetscape Plan REVEALED: Just Add Trees!

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"When your executive summary is 12 pages long, you know your plan is insane." So says the Curbed reader who alerted us to today's release of the city's Better Streets Plan, a collection of PDF's so dizzying in length and complexity that we can't even begin to imagine how a clusterfuck like the Market/ Octavia intersection came to be. Can't. Even. Imagine. Highlights, quoth the city:

· Distinctive, uni?ed streetscape design: Street trees as de?ning the streetscape rhythm; integrated site furnishings; regular pedestrian-oriented lighting; minimizing cluttering elements · Space for public life: Safe, useable public seating for neighborhood gathering; generous curb extensions for seating and landscaping; reclaiming of excess street space for public use; space for outdoor café and restaurant seating and merchant displays

More after the jump. Oh, and to wit on the "dizzying in length and complexity" snark: the city is selling hard copies of the Better Streets novel Plan for $99— what it costs to print this bitch.
· Better Streets Plan Draft for Public Review [SF Gov]
· Planning Dept. Gets $745K for Plan to Plan Mission Streetscape Plan [Curbed SF]
· Enhanced pedestrian safety: Safe, convenient pedestrian crossings; curb radii and curb extensions that slow tra?c, shorten crossing distance, and enhance visibility; pedestrian countdown signals and other pedestrian priority signals (head-start, pedestrian scramble)

· Improved street ecology: On-site stormwater management to reduce combined sewer over?ows; resource-e?cient elements and materials; streets as green corridors and habitat connectors.

· Universal design: Generous, unobstructed sidewalks, curb ramps for all users, accessible pedestrian signals

· Integrating pedestrians with transit: Transit rider amenities at key stops; safe, convenient pedestrian routes to transit; mutual features that bene?t pedestrian safety and comfort and transit operations, such as bus bulb-outs and boarding islands

· Creative use of parking lanes: Permanent curb extensions with seating and landscaping; landscape planters in the parking lane; ?exible, temporary use of the parking lane for restaurant seating or other uses

· Tra?c calming to reduce speeding and enhance pedestrian safety: Raised crossings and speed tables; landscaped tra?c circles

· Pedestrian-priority designs: Shared, single-surface streets on small streets and alleys; temporary or permanent street closures to vehicles; sidewalk and median pocket parks

· Extensive greening: Healthy, well-maintained urban forest; expanded sidewalk plantings; efficient utility location to provide more potential tree planting locations