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Curbed National: Wright, Art, and Coney Island

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1) Priced "on request," (son of FLW) Lloyd Wright's Sowden House has languished on the market for over two years. Owner's aolution? Rent it, fully tricked out — for $25k per month. As one Curbed commenter puts it "A great example of the obscure "Temple of Doom" years in Wright's career." [Curbed LA]
2) Fresh off his show at the SFMOMA, art star Olafur Eliasson has installed a series of waterfalls in NYC. Frankly, color us unimpressed.. If you want to see what these things look like, Curbed has the video. [Curbed]
3) New renderings dropped this week of the Coney Island Redux. Designs look harmless enough. Another day, another development. [Curbed]