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Eater Tastings: Game On for Restos, Plus Bonus Feature Alert

1) Who's the Bigger Dick? So asked this week's edition of Week in Yelp, wherein disgruntled Yelpsters penned vitriolic missives on the city's worst resto employees. Reservation lists nabbed by snubbed patrons, security run-ins, mass customer ejections— it gets ugly, people. Very ugly.
2) New feature alert: Eater Heat Check— with new-and-improved mappage!) Don your best white gloves and join the Eater Inspection Team as it reports on specific nabes' restos during peak hours. This week: Polk Street.
3) Eater's ongoing quest for the city's worst table ventured to the Embarcadero. Contestants: Boulevard, Waterbar, and The Slanted Door. Reader Vote: The Slanted Door. Sweet, sweet democracy. Viva the vote!
4) Let the one-upmanship begin: enter Udupi Palace, Mission resto Dosa's new, very direct competitor. Trump card: the mini Dosa.
5) A 50-person wait list? Don't you know it.