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Mass Transit: Ready for the Surge?

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Pay through the nose for gas or brave the transit crush: pick your pain. That's the bleak near future envisioned by market analysts, some of whom are betting that gas prices will skyrocket to $7 a gallon within two years. Shock! As such costs send commuters into the arms of public transit, some watchers are nervously wringing their handkerchiefs. Um, they say, "aren't our trains packed enough as it is?" And will there be more BART Fartist victims? BART has improvements in mind — three-door cars, better bike accommodations, perhaps even more tunnelage — but the fretting isn't yet through. The House has just passed $1.7 billion for transit funding, but Arnold wants to bogart $1.4 billion of transit cash to save the state budget. Is mass transit ready for a commute surge? TBD.
· Is mass transit ready for a commute surge? [ABC 7]