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Curbed SF's Guide to Pride

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This week's Gay Pride celebration has taken on an especially rosy tinge now that same-sex marriage has officially been made legal in the state of California; event organizers are expecting a 1.2 million-person turnout for the festivities. Most of the revelry will take place around Civic Center/ FiDi, though there are a plenty of outlying events. Traffic wise, Curbed SF predicts that this weekend will bring new vitality to the sometimes overused by us term "clusterfuck." See below for a few major events; we've missed gads, surely— supply what we missed, revelers amongst you. Happy Pride, folks.

When: TODAY; 3 pm, march at 7 pm
What: 5th Annual Trans March
Where: Rally begins in Dolores Park with entertainment; march at 7pm circling through the Castro, down Market and back to Dolores Park for additional music and performances.

When: Tomorrow, noon to 6 pm
What: 38th Annual LGBT Pride Festival
Where: Civic Center

When: Tomorrow; 3 pm, march at 7 pm
What: 16th Annual Dyke March
Where: Rally begins in Dolores Park; march departs from there.

When: Tomorrow, noon to 6 pm
What: LGBT Festival, continued
Where: Civic Center; march on Market Street from 10 am to 7 pm on Sunday.
SPECIAL BONUS GAY PRIDE MADNESS: LA-based online gossip "Queen of All Media" Perez Hilton will grace Westfield San Francisco Centre on Saturday, at 2 pm. Location: Hot Topic, appropriately enough. The chills are simply racing up our spine.
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[Image courtesy Carlos Avila Gonzales for the Chron via Flickr photog dreaminof1or2]