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Federal Building Snubs Cyclists, SoMa Grand Saves Day

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The SF Federal Building is so damn green, it doesn't even qualify for LEED certification. So green elevators skip floors to save energy and encourage a healthy lifestyle. In a confusing and somewhat hypocritical move, however, the greenest building in the city hosts very little bicycle parking. Some Fed Building employees aren't too happy with this oversight, so a temporary solution has been reached as mural-afflicted neighboring condo building, the, SoMa Grand, will allow cyclists to use their garage for free. Do we recall Mayne opining on bicycle racks once before, following his LEED failure, as it were? Yes, yes we do:

LEED should give performance requirements and let the architect solve the problem. The point system doesn't scale. A bike rack and air conditioning get you the same point. I'd much rather see BTU and CO2 requirements and let the professional community solve the problem.In the meantime, the higher ups at the Fed Buliding will consider the addition of new, secure bike parking at their next tenant council meeting.
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