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Castro Safeway, or Ration Center? You Decide.

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Just yesterday, a reader alerted us to the overhaul of the Castro Safeway (or, in nabe parlance, "Gayway"). The message got lost in the melee that is the Curbed Inbox— until our operatives popped on by to procure Curbed H.Q.'s weekly stash of Perrier, Slim Jims, and US magazines, that is. Can you say "Communist Poland?" Someone in upper management obviously can, as the place was stripped from stem to sternum, down to the damn floorboards, even. Strangely apocalyptic, à la The Road. No ETA on the completed remodel, though it is the Castro, so we can't imagine y'all putting up with ration cards and block-long lines for too long. At least the dogs are eating! (we blog, wiping our furrowed brow with relief). [Curbed Inbox]