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Do Not Screw With Perego Terrace: Tenants Blog All

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Any blog with a subtitle such as "A Tenant's Journey" never fails to draw our attention— especially if "ambush" and "dry rot" are the first couple of tags listed in said blog's cloud. Meet the tenants at 28 Perego Terrace, disgruntled renters (and our kind of bloggers, as you'll see) who have mostly "put up with non-response" from their landlord. List of unresolved issues with the place: Blogged. History of the building's first owner, who happened to be old school real estate player Grace Perego: Blogged. (Bonus points for vintage shots of Ms. Perego.) Beef with the endless string of would-be buyers traipsing through their home because oh, yes, the building also happens to be for sale: Blogged. On suffering through the endless string of open houses:

Have I mentioned this is tiring? Imagine your most annoying colleague dropping in for a chat every few days ? and bringing along some lost soul, whom he barely knows, if at all, from the mail room or cafeteria or loading dock, dripping with eau de Cigarette or Cologne du Costco. Then imagine you can’t stop him from doing that. Not, even, another colleague you can bribe to run interference. Moreover, you can’t even stop him from telling you he’s going to do it. Now you have some sense of the annoyance.· 28 Perego Terrace, San Francisco: A Renter's Journey [blog]