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Burned: Turbines Waste Fundage, Not Fuel

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As the Board of Supervisors debate, delay, and re-debate the future of the Mirant power plant, the city is sitting on four giant turbines that are slowing draining funds from our municipal wallet. Way back in 2003 (a more innocent time, to be sure), San Francisco commandeered the natural gas-fueled power plant turbines and have since kept them in storage, taking up four acres of a Texas warehouse. Monthly fee? $43,941. So, to date, that means SF has spent $2.4 million to sit on these things. (Which, incidentally, could fetch $40-60 million on the open market or flipped to the state for $15 mil.) The turbines might yet see the light of day— after years of waiting and debating, San Francisco politicos have actually started to more aggressively pursue a solution to the power plant problem. And today, the Supers will throw another curve ball-cum-debate in order to discuss a plan to replace the electrical wires beneath the city. These wires would be more efficient and make a power plant retrofit or reconstruction unnecessary. And so the drama continues...
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