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For Agents, Gay Marriage = $$$

"A lot of agents are waiting for this to play out," said Zephyr agent Patrick Lowell, considering how real estate professionals might capitalize on California's recent ratification of same-sex marriage. Same-sex couples are "a good target community" for real estate professionals, said Lowell, who is based in San Francisco. Indeed, Mr. Lowell. But allow us to dispense with the razzing: buying a house is a serious commitment— obviously—and marriage doesn't make it any less tricky. Especially if your union happens to be of the same-sex variety. Unfortunately, gay friends, some of the property rights afforded to straight couples still— shocker!— aren't availed to you, since gay marriage is still illegal, according to Federal law. But hey, that doesn't mean you aren't exempt from a possible shitshow on the state level should you choose to take a drive down Splitsville. As says Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders' (GLAD) website on the subject, married couples "will not have the ability to transfer property at divorce free of tax consequences, thus making it more difficult (and potentially depleting the couple's assets) to achieve a fair balance of assets." Market that, eager agents.
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