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SoMa Owns the Subway

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Rise above the hallowed (and hollow) ground of the city's subway tunnels, 4th Street may become the next San Francisco corridor to bathe in the shadows of high-rise buildings. Anticipating both the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan and the Central Subway, the mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development has requested that the planning department change zoning restrictions on 4th street between Folsom and Townsend to eventually allow the construction of more glass giants. Current zoning rules and regulations limit 4th Street building heights to 65 feet— in the future allowable building heights may reach up to 800 feet but have yet to be finalized in the new scheme, which is on hold until the Easter Nabe Plan is officially approved. Seems like a bit of a tail-wagging-the-dog scenario: build office towers in response to a billion dollar subway so our new commuters have someplace to know, go.
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[image via flickr user ronwired]