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Eater Tastings: Fro Yo Wars, Continued

It's Friday afternoon, and time to look back on the past week's happenings at our brother blog, the ever-in-the-know Eater SF.

1) And the crowd coos over Incanto's love child, Boccalone. One more guilty pleasure for the Ferry Building.
2) Vote! Another runaway winner in Eater SF's Worst Table contest: Lou's Pier 47. Losers included Coi and Avenue G. For once, losing is a good thing.
3) Joseph Humphrey's "doing magic" at Murray's Circle at Cavallo Point. Looks like there is a reason to visit Sausalito, after all.
4) The ante has been upped in San Francisco's Fro-Yo War of 2008. Megachain (20-plus locations!) Quickly is now spooning up "new generation authentic" frozen yogurt. 59 cents. Booya.
5) Cafe Claude spinoff Gitane has adorned the alleyway along its exterior with a mural straight our of Urban Outfitters. Or maybe the Women's Building. Either way, it proves a rather bold addition to the nabe, if we do say so.