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City Task Force Discovers "Little Nuggets" in SoMa Alleys

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There's something about the phrase "task force" that raises the hairs on the back of the neck, isn't there? Something sure came up over the Examiner report that the SF Planning Commission's task force charged with studying West SoMa (that's Mission and Bryant streets to Seventh and Thirteenth streets and Harrison and Townsend streets to Fourth and Seventh streets for all you non task forcers out there) has discovered that "this community lives and works in the alleys."

Yikes! Having seen some of the living and working that goes on in West SoMa alleys, this reader had to stop and make sure C.W. Nevius hadn't defected to the Examiner. If this is the first report in a series of five, can't wait to see what's next.
Joking aside, this task force is intended to provide recommendations to compliment the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, which is expected to replace "industry in East SoMa, the Mission, Potrero Hill and the Central Waterfront...with new homes and office space." Chaired by the somewhat controversial Jim Meko, Meko notes that since West SoMa was rezoned in the 90s, a separate, (nugget finding) task force from the Eastern plan was necessary, since that area hasn't been rezoned since the 50s.

But so far, if we're to believe the Examiner, the task force's biggest discovery regarding the area is that "You start walking around and you find these little nuggets of pretty places and nice things." Uh, thanks?
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