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Countdown Till The Ballot: But What About The 'Niners?

There's a lot of talk, maybe, maybe too much talk about the propositions and measures up for the vote in the June 3, 2008 Consolidated Statewide Direct Primary Election. Countdown Till The Ballot is your helping of what folks around SF are saying about them today. Concurrence, discussion, and/or mockery encouraged in the comments.

Talk: No matter where the vote falls on Prop G., it's going to make the future of the 49ers even more confusing.
Talker: Ann Killion, SJ Merc
Details: If G wins, the 'Niners will have even more stadium options than before, as part of G plans for a new stadium. However, the 'Niners are expected to pony up $100M as part of this plan, way more than they'd have to pay if they moved to Santa Clara. Then again, Santa Clara might start wondering why they're bothering to come up with $160M when the team has another place to crash. If G loses, the 'Niners will be proven right that SF doesn't care about football, but it'll also take away their leverage with Santa Clara. Either way, the Yorks' lives are getting considerably more complicated as of June 4.

Talk: Prop. G supporters won't face the community they're proposing to impact.
Talker: Proposition F Campaign, Fog City Journal
Details: Carmen Policy didn't/wouldn't come to a debate on G and F. Lennar/Policy say no one told them, F is for Fairness says it was publicized "in several prominent San Francisco media sources in the days leading up to the debate," so they (Lennar/Policy) are big, fat chickens.

Talk: White liberal arts majors don't like Prop 98, do like parties where they dislike it together.
Talker: SFist
Details: "There was ice cream, jump roping, rave couture, masks, finger paints, the destruction of a perfectly good couch, exoticizing of the Spanish language, blocking traffic..." also, judging from the many pictures posted on the site, many folks of the Burning Man variety.

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