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From Muni to Make Believe: SF Air Tram

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— Curbed SF operative Andy Wang contributing

Brainstorm! San Franciscans sick of Muni's perennial under-achievement have taken to make-believe. In response to the $1.2 billion Central Subway project, one civic-minded local conjured up this alternative concept: the San Francisco Air Tram, a dangling train that draws inspiration from gondolas and monorails. No kidding. Says the mastermind: "I'm not afraid to admit, this idea started by joking about how great it would be to zip-line across the city." Inhabitat argues, "A suspension system supporting only rails and a few rail cars could be extremely light and unobtrusive to the street view. If anything the modest towers would be an iconic addition to the skyline and elegantly express the city infrastructure." Shocking? Perhaps. Quixotic? Most def. In any case, the idea's not entirely new: Curbed LA also had sci-fi author Ray Bradbury pipe-dreaming away for an L.A. monorail.
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[Images courtesy thinksketch, via Inhabitat]