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Helipad to Finance Housing, Draw Ire of Nabe Anyway

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Remember that controversial Helipad planned for the new San Francisco General Hospital? The one that so upset Mission Bay residents, prompting the city performed "'copter drills" to ensure that the saving of lives doesn't interrupt someone's Wednesday night with Top Chef? Money that was set aside for the project— $6.8 million to be exact—will soon be part of a $9 million reallocation of funds to health and human services programs. If the mayor has his say, anyway. The decision to move the money around came when Gav found some "miscalculations" in his budget; among other programs, $500,000 will be put towards new women's supportive housing. The helipad isn't dead in the water air though, as it may still be built following November's election. As usual, bureaucracy reigns in San Francisco: the revised budget must be reviewed by the Board of Supes before heli-funding is finalized.
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San Francisco General Hospital

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