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Development Watch: Swells Swarm Ghirardelli Square

Eater SF represented the home team at last evening's private unveiling of the Fairmont Heritage Place condominiums at Ghirardelli Square, where the Swells rubbed elbows sans tourist traffic. The scoop, in brief: First, business. The Fairmont Heritage Place stands at 40 percent sold, with the overall sales report sounding rather positive. Passed caviar, oysters, and other delectables satiated the crowd (Eater says: fantastic), though Gary Danko laid low in the kitchen most of the evening; Danko Deuce, by the way, is looking "raw" according to Eater, though it should open by the end of the year. Marché on the Square may throw open its doors to the teeming masses as early as next week. (Remember that the upstairs will house a bistro.) While the area has been re-branded as a "neighborhood" attraction (i.e. not just for the tourists!) Eater predicts: "Until the Danko Deuce opens, this might be the most locals you see in Ghirardelli Square." Holding ...
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