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Justice for Gav's Tenderloin Community Court

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The Board of Supes initially blocked Gav's proposed Community Justice Center, the controversial court that offers its defendants social services, due to a lack of funding. San Francisco voters may have their say in the matter yet, however, as the Mayor attempts to sneak his friendly neighborhood justice program on the November ballot (yesterday marked the submission deadline). The measure will specifically allocate $1.8 Million in city funds (down from the previously requested $3 million) and earmark an additional $984,000 in federal grant money to be put towards the trial program. Mayoral plan-opposer Supe Chris Daly put forward an alternate measure that, if passed, will required the city to maintain free and low-cost substance abuse facilities and residences— his proposal requires the city to spend $2.7 billion on affordable housing over the next 15 years (or $180 million per year).
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