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PriceChopper: Slash and Burn at 224 Twin Peaks

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Thanks to the reader who tipped us off to the choptastic 224 Twin Peaks Boulevard: Purchased in 2007 for $1.36 million, 224 was listed a mere two weeks ago at $1,395,000. Alas, such prices are not meant to be in this market— the PriceChoppers did their thing, slashing almost $150,000 from the initial asking price. New price: $1,249,000. We're guessing there are a few people who aren't too happy about this deal, so someone might as well take advantage of their misfortune, right? Isn't that how this crazy game is played?
Was: $1,395,000
Is: $1,249,000
You Save: $146,000
· 224 Twin Beaks Blvd [MLS]