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Game On: New Map for Muni... and BART

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Last week, a Curbed operative spotted a new Muni map at the Van Ness station. Beta test, yes, but no matter: our readers launched a scathing comment war on the inanimate object, bantering back and forth with that special sort of scathing criticism San Franciscans tend to reserve for public transportation. Enter one Demian Rosenblatt, a local designer who just. can't. cope. with the state of public wayfinding. "In a fit of desperation, I put together a little book to set it right," writes Demian, who we're hoping sent his 60-plus page proposal to someone other than us. (May we suggest the Planning Department?) So, shall we kick off a little healthy competition? Oh yes, we shall. The challenge: Save SF's signage. Competitors are welcome to send their submissions along to the Curbed Inbox, post haste. Perhaps we'll do a little vote, award a little prize... you know, like the old days. Opine away!
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