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First!: Castro Wedding Chapel Open for Business

Brace, Castro business owners. Heart of the Castro Wedding Chapel opened yesterday at 18th and Hartford Streets, where parties may be legally joined "as human beings, without judgment, without discrimination, and without shame." Lovely. And even lovelier for the neighborhood's economy, as for those who choose to go the ad hoc route (or simply want to keep their monies in the 'hood) the Castro is, by far and away, one of the best nabes in San Francisco for procuring your wedding needs. We can think of at least two very serviceable flower shops, a handful of restos, and a bevy of boutiques just within a two block radius or so— bet you could whip up a not-half-bad ceremony (and one hell of an after party) in less than two or three hours, max. See, it's all coming together...
· Chapel Opens In the Castro [SFist]