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Reader Rants Recap: SF Takes Disney Very, Very Seriously

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Last week's reader rant on the Presidio's Disney Family Museum engendered some vicious infighting in the comment box— y'all really do heart Mickey, don't you? Naturally, most kept it anonymous. (And do note that the following represents just a sample of the bellicosity. See original comments for details.)

· Reader Rant No. 10: "I don't care how popular a cute little mouse is, but every Disney movie I have seen has been utterly sexist. The females are portrayed as submissive and the males save the day..."
· Reader Rant No. 13: "... Disney=Fascist=Greed=Sexism=Just alot of Commercial Corporate Tie in CRAP!"
· Reader Rant No. 18:"Wow, never heard an SF loony love a military base so much. Are you a strong supporter of the Military? Support the war in Iraq? Not saying that I am or am not, just wondering....since Presidio with all it's history is so near and dear to your heart."
· Reader Rant No. 34: "What Thomas Kinkaid is to Painting, Disney is to Culture. Nuff said."
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