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Shot Down: Readers Boot King's CAMP Locale

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So, the votes are in, and though the margin was rather, well, marginal, our readers voted down Chron arch critic John King's proposed new location for Don Fisher's CAMP museum. "Build it as-is" said 36.7 percent of you, while 31.2 percent agreed with King, and 32.1 percent said "to hell with it all." Lucky for us, Don Quixote King took another jab at it in today's edition, charging at windmills laying waste to another list of possible plans and locales (including a somewhat logical— both are government-controlled— but still rather random comparison between the Hirshorn Museum on the National Mall, in Washington D.C., to CAMP. Stretch? Indeed.) King pegs Fort Scott and Mission Bay as no-goes before beating would-be critics to the punch on last week's bid for Infantry Terrace. Yes, King concedes, a preschool would be demolished should CAMP be relocated to that spot. And new school must be built in its place— absolutment! (Enter another round of where-to-build madness... ) CAMP conundrum solved? Negative, Ghostrider.
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