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Today's Agenda: Supes Debate Mirant Power Plant

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Today marks "go time" for the Mirant power plant, as city Supes are debating a proposal that calls for a "transmission-only" solution to closing the environmental nightmare of a building, located in southeast Potrero Hill. Challenge: the plan generates 150 megawatts of electricity, and that energy must be replaced in order to maintain the grid (lest we suffer without power for our laptops and iPhones— quel horreur!). Two alternatives are up for review:

1) Sophie Maxwell and several Supes support the construction of four natural gas-burning power plants, owned by the city in order to maintain its control over the combustion turbines; the plants would replaced with as-yet-unidentified alternative energy sources.
2) Gavin suggests that the plant's smaller, diesel units be retrofitted to burn natural gas. Money talks on this one, as Gav insists that his option would cost much less than the other plan's $270 million price tag.

The Supes will re-review today's discussion at their July 15th meeting— Gavin has promised to deliver new legislation in the meantime. To the next round!
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