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Danish Design for a Ped-Friendly SF

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Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl will soon lead the city's ongoing quest to make these areas less auto-reliant and more pedestrian friendly. Jefferson St. at Fisherman's Wharf, Castro Street, Mission Street, and the Sunset's 9th and Irving intersection are his soon-to-be areas of expertise. The plan: widen sidewalks, remove street obstacles, and add trees; the goal is to create a network of walkable paths — to create a walkable city. "Fixing" a single street isn't the solution to any problem. "The main thing," says Gehl, "is to make pedestrians feel welcome on the city's streets." The (very ped-friendly) Copenhagen-based Gehl Architects will complete their study this summer and present findings in the Autumn. Great, but we're wondering why local firms (such as architects/ activists Public Architecture) aren't involved in the project, given their familiarity with the city? Standing by ...
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[image via flickr user Anna L Conti]