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So, About Those Brown Apple Moths

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Stop the spray: yeah or nay? We'll find out tomorrow, when the California Senate Agriculture Committee reviews a bill that, if passed, will effectively halt all aerial spraying for the light brown apple moth, an Aussie-bred pest that poses an alleged threat to fruit crops in the area. "Note to the government," says Wired, advocating for better education and communication on all sides of the issue. "When you unilaterally send aircraft to spray unfamiliar chemicals over residential areas, the public will get very worried." Note to activists, Wired doesn't say but might as well have: Don't run with ball until you have your facts down. Quoth community activist John Russo of Stop the Spray: "This issue is about our rights ... It is our body, and our decision. We have a right to determine what happens to our own bodies." [Wired Science]