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North Beach Says: "Enough With the Plywood"

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Under the cover of night (or the North Beach Festival) a fed-up hooligan or two scaled the shuttered building at 1701 Powell Street, on the corner of Powell and Columbus, in order to deliver a pointed message to the notoriously NIMBY-infested nabe below: "Enough with the plywood," says the strategically-placed banner. Built in 1909, the former Pagoda Theater has soldiered through a long series of identity changes including— shocker— a stint as a 24-hour Rite Aid. Next up: Around 17 dwellings, underground parking, and (via per Eater) a rumored second resto for La Corneta on the ground floor. Now don't expect any of this to go down soon— as per our last post on the subject:

Naturally, nabe cronies from rival groups the North Beach Neighbors and the Telegraph Hill Dwellers are going fisticuffs over the plan which, if approved (as if!), could be under construction as soon as August. Everyone has something to say on the subject, of course, least of all Supervisor Aaron Peskin and Marsha Garland, president of the NB Chamber of Commerce. Says Garland of Nancy Shanahan, Telegraph Hill Dwellers president (and Peskin's wife) who Garland claims puts the block on any and every project: "She says, 'It doesn't look like it did back in the '30s,' " ... "Well, neither do you, lady." Harsh. · North Beach Quickly Tiring of the Empy Storefronts [Eater SF]
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