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Fun With Zoning: Western SoMa Community Plan Challenge

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The Planning Commission has quite a debate on its hands this week. First question: Should all new developments be required to provide one full floor of light industrial space? The PDR (production, distribution, and repair) Loss and Replacement Policy indicates as much. The policy is up for debate at Thursday's city Business and Land Use Committee meeting— if passed by the Planning Commission, the requirement would apply to almost half the Western SoMa planning area, including most of the special Use District south of Folsom Street.

Up next: The distinctly different Western SoMa Community Plan, which values housing over industrial use, posing a challenge to the boundaries that demarcate SoMa's light industrial zone. The group envisions transforming Townsend Street into a design and technology corridor while "imposing an annual cap on market rate housing rather than by allowing the unrestrained growth of such housing in out-of-scale developments that pay lip service to service and light industrial needs." Sassy. The full plan will be released for citizen scrutiny later in the month— the one you see here is still under draft.
· Western SoMa Citizens Planning Task Force [SFgov]