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Broker BlogWrap: Glass is Half Empty

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1) The San Francisco Real Estate Blogging Community Presents: Point, Counterpoint. Point: "Although the majority of what is being reported is still, and always will be, bad news, the real news is that San Francisco is still doing just fine, and in our opinion remains a solid long term choice for real estate." Counterpoint: "...we have a word for those who constantly advise others to bet the farm (or their new 30 year fixed mortgage) on the proposition that SF will always be 'doing just fine' - and that word is 'Pollyanna.' You might look it up." Match! [SF RE Blog]

2) RE Blogger sued by questionably legitimate company for... um, blogging. All history of said company must be deleted from the nets post haste. [Sellsius]

3) Says to Redfin: What's up with your sale prices? Half the realtor's asking prices? Really?! Inquiring minds want to know— and make better informed real estate decisions. []