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Skate or Die: Central Freeway Redevelopment en Route

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Oh yes indeed, the city is planning to clean up the wasteland beneath the Central Freeway. Calling all ballers, skaters, and designers amongst you: a skate park, basketball court, dog park, walkway/ bikeway for the fixie riders, and other assorted odds and ends are planned for three parcels of land between Mission Street and Market Street. One more in a wave of do-good initatives set to sweep the city in the coming years— bike lanes, better streets... Utopia now, people. The city will strike a deal with Caltrans to complete the redev, as it owns some of the parcel; the agency will have the final word on all plans, which must conform to their "regulations." There's a challenge for you, skate park designers. Design deadline: July 11th. (Ed note: Clarification— a designer— not the design itself— will be chosen from the proposals due on July 11th deadline.)
· Office of Economic and Workforce Development [website]