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Ramp Racketeering: ADA Crackdown in SF

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A new threat has descended upon the neighborhoods of San Francisco: ramp-requiring racketeering also known as ADA accessibility lawsuits. The targets for these suits are usually small businesses based out of early 20th century San Francisco buildings— these old buildings often believed to be "grandfathered in" — that is, they didn't need to meet modern accessibility requirements because of their age. But even if the city approves a design, grants a hardship, and exempts one from accessibility requirements, litigation is still a possibility. Everyone can agree that disabled people should have equal access to all buildings in the city. Many of these lawsuits, however, are seen as unnecessary, masterminded by wheelchair-chasing lawyers who are pitting disabled people against small business owners. The issue has garnered the attention of City Hall, which is helpless as ADA requirements fall under Federal jurisdiction. And lets not forget that City Hall has its share of accessibility issues, anyway...
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