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A New Home for CAMP? Make the Move, Says King

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"If we build it, they will come" or "Are we going to build the damn thing, or what?" The Presidio development/ Don Fisher/ CAMP debate grows sloppier still in today's Chron, where John King lobbies for an alternate spot for the museum, backing his argument with a couple of vagaries as to why the building won't mesh with its proposed location. ("These moves show Gluckman's elegant care, his desire to make the museum feel like it belongs. Unfortunately, they're [sic] also a tacit admission that it doesn't quite fit.") Very interesting, given that Gluckman Mayner haven't yet released their final design (as per the Chron in the first place!). Critical inquiry? Doubleplusgood, always. Stirring up the shiz this early in the game over a building that itself remains in a preliminary stage? Doubleplusungood. But hell, it's Friday— let's take this one down to Chinatown. Or the Presidio, rather.

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