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Reader Rants: WTF is Curbed's Problem With Disney?

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There's a reader out there who is not happy with our assessment of the Walt Disney Museum— and she's getting personal about it. Check these rhetorical skillzzz:

And WTF is your problem with the Disney Family Museum? This isn't a project paid for by the Walt Disney Company, it's a private project paid for by Diane Disney Miller and her family, who are Northern California residents. Whether you like it or not, Walt Disney is an American cultural icon, and was truly a visionary (read up on it in "The Art of Walt Disney" by Christopher Finch, the original first edition if you can get your hands on it, and read bout Walt's urban planning and transportation ideas that were implemented in the building of Disneyland and Walt Disney World). Not only that, but the WDFM is NOT proposing to build a soulless modern box either. You really don't know much about Walt Disney himself do you? You just know that Mickey Mouse is popular and you knee jerk react against Walt Disney himself. Why? As the editor of CurbedSF, you sure stick your foot in your mouth, ALOT (like the time you called people who live around the Stonestown Galleria "Suburbanites", as if they don't live in the City of San Francisco). You come off much of the time as a total smug ass who shoots her mouth off without the knowledge to back up what you are saying. We earn our Friday happy hour. Bon weekend to all!

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