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Only in SF: Streakers Get Off

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Wouldn't you know that two SF cops let a couple of guys off the hook for hanging out (pun intended) outside the LGBT center on Market Street— naked. The BAR has the exchange—Cop: "You can't walk around naked! That's indecent exposure!" Nekked dude: "It's only 'indecent exposure' if you engage in lewd behavior, and we're not being lewd." Cop: "I don't care about all that legal mumbo-jumbo. It's not normal to be walking around naked!" Nekked Dude: "We're supporting World Naked Bicycle Day." Cop: "I don't care what you say, it's not healthy and no other police officers would disagree with me. And besides, you don't seem to have any supporters here." Cop gives up, nekked dudes go home. End of story. [BAR]