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Claws Out at 450 Euclid: Redux

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"It's every 'Dwell' trend done then redone" said the reader who first tipped us to 450 Euclid, a $2.9 million, 5 bedroom mini-manse in Laurel Heights. Ok, fine— a valid bit of snipe, as sniping goes. And then the comments poured forth... Such wrath! By all accounts, last weekend's tour of 450 Euclid sounds more like a Smirnoff Ice or Kool cigarette commercial-in-the-making than an open house. Let's set the scene with this account from an anonymous RE tourist:

I entered the property and there should have been techno / club music playing. We had a photog snapping pictures (can't you do that when the Tour isn't going on) and an attractive woman wearing something that i can only describe as racy handing out statements. Put it this way, if she had to raise up her hands, we'd have seen far more than the 5 bed / 3 bath house. It appeared to me, and all of my friends that I sent over to the house to see the scene, that her only job was to make a first impression upon walking in. Job well done! The anon tipster continues:

The listing agent was downstairs walking the lawn and running the photo shoot - which again I can't quite figure out why it was happening at the same time Realtor tour was going on - unless of course we were all supposed to get caught up in the scene - (Insert techno / club music and get me my checkbook). Granted it was a warm day - but i don't think the listing agent needed to have the top 3 buttons of his shirt open. (Again, insert club music) Perhaps that adds value to the home - (note to self, start wearing tan through shirts and do pushup's before all open houses.) Garrett:

the house didn't do much for me, but i got a kick out of the scene mentioned above. scantily (fo real) clad woman handing out property statements, agent with bleached hair and unbuttoned shirt and turkey sando's on wheat at the Tuesday broker's tour put a smile on my face.

Metroliner: "Is anyone else weirded out by the Photochopped sky? Since when is that area 'SUNNY' like that?? *reeeks* of PS guys." Another anon responds:

RE : the sun point— Notice how the outdoor photos have bright blue skies but the interior ones have grey outside the windows??? If you're going to use PS, at least be consistent. RE : the wet backyard— Too many episodes of Miami Vice, by the sound of that and the RE agents