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Up With Solar: Supes Pass a Plan

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After months of a slow crawl towards a resolution, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors finally—finally!—have approved the Solar Energy Incentive Program. Recap: The $3 million program will provide residents with $3,000 - $6,000 for installing photovoltaics that produce at least one kilowatt of power, while businesses will earn $1,500 for every kilowatt produced. And there's yet another almost-approved plan in the works: Sponsored by Super Mirkarimi, the new one year pilot program would provide $1.5 million worth of solar to non-profits and low income residents. These efforts are contingent, of course, on the cooperation of residents— one in eight of you have already signed up and then backed out. Take one for Team Solar, people.
· Supes OK rebates for solar power systems
· Solar Incentives Almost Approved. Swear.