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Forum: SF Sounds Off on Presidio Dev

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A couple choice quotes from yesterday's KQED episode of Forum, discussing CAMP and the overall development of the Presidio. Pro museum: "I often feel that historic architecture is highlighted by juxtaposition with new modern designs...It is in many ways worse to build new buildings that try to look like older ones. In doing this, the line between the truly historic architecture and new development is blurred, giving less significance to both." And the anti-museum perspective (which unfortunately seems to be the majority of the program's listeners): "The Fisher Museum is one man's personal modern art collection. As such, it's totally unsuitable to the Presidio. What indication is there that the public even wants this lump of white stucco and sheetrock? It's the height of arrogance— a form of tyranny over the people of the city and their collective past for him to jam this architecture expression of his ego down the throat of San Franciscans."
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