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Architecture Watch: Pelli Clarke Pelli Greens Vegas

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Las Vegas is about to get the Pelli Clarke Pelli treatment— the CityCenter complex bills itself as a pedestrian-friendly, green urban environment that includes hotels, restaurants, and museums (please dear God, deliver us from another Guggenheim shitshow). The 60-story keystone in this development is a hotel—newly dubbed ARIA— we think the towers with the city's great composition, but are rather bland when taken on their own. Much like the Transbay Tower, with its elevated park and wind turbines, CityCenter is being touted for its green features, and will have the perhaps dubious honor of being the first project in Nevada and the largest project anywhere to receive LEED certification. Despite the use of recycled building materials, an increase in natural light, and the inclusion of "an on site co-generation power plant," we have a hard time believe that an 8 million square foot resort in the middle of the desert can really be a "green" building. Maybe they can buy their way into it?
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