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APB: McDonald's is Not Coming to the Mission

Yes, "San Francisco is a weird place," indeed— a reader noticed this love letter to the Mission, posted on the empty storefront next door to Badlands Borderlands Books, on Valencia Street. In an admirably preemptive strike (aimed in part, no doubt, at rumormongers such as our kind selves) the future proprietor of the maybe-future Badlands Borderlands Cafe took a couple of notes from Ammiano before penning a plea to the nabe: Not a chain, not a chain, not a chain. Repeat the mantra. [Curbed SF Inbox]

[Ed note: Our sincere apology goes out to Borderlands Books (not to mention Ripley the hairless cat) for mixing up the store's name with one of the reportedly best, rowdiest gay bars in town. Good times for all.]