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Eater Tastings: Tavern on the Green Greatness, Yelp Lameness, Ammianogate Continues

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Recap! Join us as we review the week that was at Eater SF.

[That's Rather Hideous: R.I.P. Moose's, hello Joey & Eddy's. Circus performance times TBA.]

1) Brace: New York's famed Tavern on the Green will definitely— no rumors here, folks!— be taking over a ginormous space atop the Metreon, overlooking Yerba Buena. ETA: Spring 2009, with Citarella executive chef Brian Young in the kitchen.
2) Moose's Joey & Eddy's tempts Curbed's That's Rather Hideous vice squad with some of the tackiest signage we've seen in a good, long while. First, you killed the Moose. Now this! Killing us. Killing. Us.
3) Burger joint— correction: gourmet burger joint— Best O Burger opens in the FiDi. Now all we need are a couple more tall buildings and some shadows ...
4) A Yelpster suggests that the site make a 180-degree turn back to ... print media. If any additional proof were needed, here it is: these kids are not, in fact, as ahead of the curve as marketing hounds would care to believe.
5) Ammianogate, it continues: Bronstein attempts to quell the madness, Ammiano claims ugliness, Labor Council board member claims race, chef Randolph claims bleeding heart. Case nowhere near closed.