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Curbed National: Hybrids, Hotels, and Hipsters. Oh My!

Let us now take a very visual look at the latest architecture and design news as revealed on our West Coast outposts, Curbed LA and Curbed NY, this week.

1) Boosted by the boon of C,D, and E-list celebrities, Hollywood seems pretty confident that they're immune from the recession. New Kid on the Block "W", will offer 143 new residences and a 305 room hotel in an incredibly ugs building. [Curbed LA]

2) Some crafty kids in Williamsburg cobbled together a DIY windmill from a few dozen old oscillating fans, some metal poles, and god knows how many cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Eat your heart out Casa Verde. [Curbed]

3) The Manhattan skyline changes faster than San Francisco could ever dream. Newest case in point: another hybrid hotel, the sleek and slender Nobu Hotel, home to 77 "super-luxury" condos. So what's so super-luxe about them? Every unit is made entirely of Caviar & Bentley parts and gaseous champagne is pumped into each room 24/7. [Curbed]