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Transplants R' Us: East Coaster Finds Mission Hipsters Helpful

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Via SFist: Awww ... In a recent issue of Newsweek, Cornell grad Erin Geld reminisces about an undergrad weekend jaunt to Brooklyn— Bushwick, no less— that yielded a couple of twee brunches and a neat little column for her student newspaper. Topic: hipsters, natch. Gawker snapped up the piece— girl, did you even dream that wasn't going to happen?— and its feared and revered Comment Commando sent Ms. Geld into hiding (not to mention therapy, no doubt). A couple of thousand-plus miles later, she walks among us in San Francisco. As for the hipsters? Not so bad, comparatively. To wit:

They are similar: name-dropping obscure bands, writing novels “secretly” and being endearingly vain. But in the Mission’s sweet-smelling cloud of tolerance, hipsters are relaxed and just a bit more lovable. Being from somewhere else is a good thing. It’s expected, interesting. There’s no convenient Internet venue through which to pick on people, as they lick their own outsider wounds. Instead, people comment on restaurants and farmers’ markets. They’re usually nice. Helpful. Memories of 1967 still linger in the Bay Area, and people are a little goofy for my East Coast taste. But, thank God, they don’t take themselves very seriously—they’re way cool with being cool. What a well-adjusted, optimistic soul. Um, Erin? How about you bottle that shit and send it on over to Curbed H.Q. Kthanks.
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· San Francisco Hipsters: The Most Tolerable Hipsters? [SFist] [British hipsters— mixing it up, yo!— courtesy Longon FGSS]

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