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A Piece of Stanley on Mission Bay

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Everyone wants a piece of recently anointed AIA Golden Boy Stanley Saitowitz. Here's your chance: 615 Tennessee Street is a top floor condo designed in 2000 by the master himself. Deets: 1 bedroom; a walk-in closet; enclosed parking; panoramic views from a terrace that looks like a chicken coop for the design-savvy; and all the exposed floor joints you could want. Asking price for its 1,101 square feet? $615,000. Straddling the line between Mission Bay hottness and Dogpatch lukwarmness (in terms of RE, that is), just steps from the still newish T-Third line, $560 / square feet seems like a steal — especially at a time when the architect's star continues to rise.
· 615 Tennessee Street #201 [MLS]